Logo Design

As a digital designer I love bringing brands to life in the digital world and I love it even more when I get to be part of that brand's development. For me, digital design and branding go hand in hand. The way a brand flows into the digital world is key to the success of that brand. Getting to see projects from early branding stages to final digital experience is one of my favorite things about being a digital designer.

Third Wheel Coffee Branding

This was one of my first ever full branding projects and is still one of my favorites. I created the full brand for a coffee truck in Berkeley CA meant to showcase the adorable yellow truck and high-quality coffee brewed inside.

503 Mobile

This was a very unique and challenging project as my client had many different complex ideas about what he was looking for but no clear direction for the end result. I worked with the client to find the correct target audience for his services and decide what visual elements would match his ideas to reach that audience.

Greenlee Construction

For this logo the main focus was finding a way to connect Central Oregon (where the company is located) with roofing. We landed on the concept of having a structured roof line that resembled the Three Sisters Mountain Range that could function in a larger more complex logo as well as on its own as a broader branding element

Priestley and Sons Moving

This company is one of the oldest moving companies in Portland and with their new logo they wanted to highlight the exprience they had in the field. We decided to refresh of one of their original logos from the mid 1900s.

White's Restaurant

White's Restaurant has a very unique store front which was the main jumping off point for the logo. The unique colors of the building make it easy to spot and we wanted to make sure that was shown off with their new logo.