Divine Threads

Director of Photography | Brand Designer | Website Designer

Founded in 2011, Divine Threads has been committed to providing women with resources, clothing, personal styling, and self-confidence to get them back on their feet following hardships. The Board members of Divine Threads have poured their hearts and souls into this work. They are fully committed to taking care of women in need and knew it was time for their own brand to have a little TLC.

Brand Intention

As a 501(c)3, Divine Threads is a non-profit fully funded by donations. With this in mind, I designed the new brand and website to express their need for donations while also showing that they are worthy of those donations.

Showcasing Their Beauty

Located in a gorgeous, fully remodeled farm house in Tualatin OR, Divine threads already had the appearance of a successful and well-established non-profit but their previous branding did nothing to showcase this. When I first entered the house, I immediately knew we had to capture the feeling of warmth, welcome, and love that permeated the space. As both the web designer and director of photography for the project I decided to focus in on the small details of the decor and furniture that made the location so unique. I used these images to create photo montages that allowed the new website to showcase a much larger range of photos in a smaller amount of space.

Sweet and Simple

For the new logo, I wanted to create something that felt timeless, feminine and very inviting. Simple but classic type shows the delicate elegance of the business, what they do, and who they are. The sans-serif subtitle brings in a small contemporary element to show the importance of this business today. The whole name is framed by a subtle pink curving line meant to be a visual representation of the name without being too on-the-nose, while also symbolizing the hope woven through women's lives when they experience all Divine Threads has to offer.

Elegant Online and Offline

The website redesign focused on emphasizing the company's mission, location, and love flowing from the board members. The goal of the website was to encourage potential donors to donate by helping them experience the same warmth and welcome that the clients of Divine Threads feel while in the home.