Third Wheel Coffee

Brand Design

Now roaming the streets of the San Francisco Bay Area, Third Wheel coffee serves classic Northern Itlaian espresso out of an Indian Bajaj Haul, creating a very unique and unforgettable coffee experience. The branding for Third Wheel Coffee reflects this experience as well as capturing the fun and playful spirit of the coffee truck.

The Truck

The idea of Third Wheel Coffee had long been brewing in Henry Springall's mind when he purchased the Bajaj Truck in January of 2018. The truck was and is the staple of the new brand’s visual identity and what makes the whole concept and business so fun and unique. Capturing the essence of this truck, it’s fun color, cheerful and welcoming appearance and the high quality coffee that would be brewed inside of it, was a key component of the logo design.

The Audience

When he started Third Wheel Coffee, Henry's goal was to be able to move the truck around to different locations in the Berkely and Oakland areas to serve the general public as well as catering to larger events. The truck could be hired by individuals for personal events such as weddings, by business for smaller events such as open houses, or by corporations for large scale events. With such a wide range of clients, the logo needed to be both playful and professional without leaning too far in either direction so that it could appeal to both individuals and corporations.

The Brand Messaging

Third Wheel Coffee is a cheerful mobile coffee truck bringing high-quality coffee to the Oakland/Berkley CA area.

Brand Attributes

  • Playful
  • High-quality
  • Functional
  • Mobile
  • Accessible

The Final Concepts

The final logo concept was designed around the truck and a mug. This logo direction focused on visualizing the idea of a literal coffee truck. Showing the truck in size comparison to a coffee mug demonstrates how petite and playful the actual coffee truck is. By using a mug instead of a paper coffee cup, the imagery also shows the high quality of the coffee, implying that it is meant to be enjoyed more slowly rather than taken to go. By combining the truck and mug with contemporary typography the logo shows both that the company is mobile, fast, accessible, and high-quality.

Final Logo

The final logo is bright and cheerful with a horizontal and vertical option as well as an icon. The vertical mark which was originally intended to only be a secondary logo has become the iconic mark of the brand because it is stamped onto every coffee mug. Realizing how important the secondary mark became for the company because of its functionality on coffee mugs taught me to focus more on the smaller ways logos are shown within companies because these branding moments can often have much larger impacts than the one main logo that might show up on a building or business card.