Website Design

Designing websites is my passion and I love being able to encorporate different aspects of the company's brand or the personality of the owner into the websites. All my websites are designed with responsiveness in mind so that they function equally well on all screen sizes.

Graphic Design Thesis

Researcher | Content Writer | Designer | Developer

The Church, Racism, and Mass Incarceration was my graphic design thesis project and now an ongoing passion project meant to challenge our understanding of the principles of racism, mass incarceration, and white supremacy that plagues the United States of America. This website explores the history of racism and white supremacy, how they led to the creation of mass incarceration today, and how white Christians have played a role in the continuation of these systems of oppression.

Divine Threads

Director of Photography | Brand Designer | Website Designer

Divine Threads is an organization that helps women who are recovering from hardships find new love for their bodies with a new wardrobe, hair and makeup makeover. They also offer job support and spiritual counseling. The design of the website was meant to highlight the beautiful characteristics of the house the organization operates in, as well as the love and passion the owners have for their work.

We Got the Keys

Website Designer

Jen Lillie, owner of We Got The Keys Real Estate, is literally the nicest Real Estate agent you could ever hope to meet. She is a very uplifting and fun-loving person and so it was important that her new website represented that. The new website design focueses on the tons of client reviews she has recieved over the years and Jen Lillie's bright personality